Challenge Coins: A Unique Tradition

A challenge coin is usually a silver medallion or small coin, usually with an embroidered logo or insignia of an institution and carried by all the members of the organization. Traditionally, they may also be awarded to new members to improve morale and to demonstrate membership when challenged. They are also collected regularly by police officers and military personnel. The coins may also be used as an identification tool by members of the armed forces when necessary for verification.

The coins can also be given as a gift on official occasions like meetings or conferences or at the time of awarding some distinguished services. In the United States, the tradition of giving challenge coins to personnel serving in the military began during World War II when the Air Force became a major customer of the aluminum industry. The Air Force Association was formed to raise funds for their equipment needs and for other promotional and marketing activities. A military challenge coin has the logo of the Air Force and is made from 10-mm brass. Today, many companies produce business cards with military themes on them and give them out as gifts.

Other organizations such as the Navy or the Marine Corps utilize challenge coins as a form of unit pride. A naval challenge coin may have the flag of the United States or the emblem of a branch of the military on it. The Marine Corps uses the symbol of the eagle, with wings outstretched. Since these coins are not officially sanctioned by any government agency, they are generally referred to as “munitions” or “shirts”.

The coins are also popular gifts to veterans and active military personnel. Many businesses consider them to be a necessary promotional item and offer them as rewards for clients who bring in new business or bring in new customers. The coins are often given with business cards to remind future clients where they can get these great products. For example, if a veteran wants to know where he can find a great souvenir for his grandchildren, a challenge coin may be the perfect way to find out.

Not only are challenge coins used at important events such as reunions, but they are often used at special operations too. Sometimes special operations like combat operations carry out important missions and the enemy is able to get close to our troops. In order to stay safe from hostile fire, our troops place these coins around their necks. In some cases the coins are made to represent the unit or the person who is responsible for keeping the security level high during these types of operations. It is important that people recognize members of special operations teams and their responsibilities.

Although challenge coins originated with the military, they have become extremely popular with many different types of people in our modern society. They are no longer just given as a reward, but they are also given as a part of a tradition to remember important historical events and to show support for our military. These special coins are a relatively new tradition that has grown greatly in popularity over the past decade. No matter when or where they were first introduced, they are one of the most popular and meaningful symbols in the world today.